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Art Trade - Mizushima-Hikaru by ShinguAmito

My main thought whenever I see this is that the lines are much too harsh, especially around the lower torso, and the closed hand. They stand out to much and kind of take the eye away from the coloring and details and pretty much the overall character. Another thing is that a lot of the color, especially around the open hand, is grainy. That may have been done on purpose, to replicate the lines in the hand, but if so, it's random, as the lines on the hand, at least up to the fingers, follow a certain pattern. I really wish this would have had a back ground or some such, even if it was just a contrasting gradient. I do like the coloring on the jacket, instead of using solid lines for the folds, you shaded. Which is nice, in most cases, this being one of those.
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ShinguAmito Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks a bunch for the critique!! I hope to incorporate what you said in my next piece!!
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